Elliott earned an M.Ed. in Education and Student Affairs at Iowa State University as well as his M.A and PhD in Counseling Psychology from University of Tennessee. He completed his pre-doctoral clinical internship year at UIC Counseling Center with a special rotation in Consultation and Outreach and graduated this summer with his PhD. Prior to becoming a Psychologist, Elliott worked for 3 years at the University of San Francisco. During his tenure, he oversaw leadership development and social justice education programs, taught peer support and practicum courses, and supervised masters level graduate students.


As a therapist, I believe a central goal of counseling is to assist clients with developing their awareness and curiosity about how they have learned to navigate relationships and cope with painful experiences. What did these relational strategies protect them from in the past? Are these methods working for them in their present reality and relationships? Does something seem familiar about their current emotional distress? I see the emotions that underlie these “default” ways we respond as complex and physiological. By having clients engage with and express their emotions, I support them in increasing congruence across important areas of their life. This may involve helping clients process uncomfortable topics, explore complicated memories, and understand the motivations in their present realities in order to heal past pain and deepen their awareness of their values and needs. I believe an understanding of our full range of emotions is critical to knowing ourselves more fully, recognizing our purpose, and building more meaningful connections in our relationships. In our work, we may also explore how aspects of race, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, and culture may have influenced your sense of self and ability to navigate the world. Ultimately, I aim to help clients reorganize how they understand themselves through insight, attuned emotional awareness and increased interpersonal effectiveness.

During his spare time Elliott enjoys playing games, singing, and training for and running long-distance races.


Elliott also has extensive experience working in counseling centers and in an in-patient drug and alcohol facility. Through his work, Elliott has cultivated specialties in depression and anxiety, personality concerns, LGBTQ Issues, trauma, relationship/couples therapy, perfectionism and overwhelming career expectations, and family of origin concerns. Elliott also received specialized training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, a research supported approach, through the International Centre for Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy. EFT is a clinical passion for Elliott, and he enjoys working with relationships in their diverse forms as clients strive to connect deeply and work through “feeling stuck” while moving through life’s challenges.

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