Are you dealing with stress but find that your usual ways of coping aren’t working?


Is your anxiety becoming more and more difficult to manage?


Do you find it to be paralyzing? Or perhaps it limits your relationships, career aspiration or social life?



These are some common reasons why individuals seek therapy. While stress and anxiety can be a part of daily life and can sometimes help motivate us to make changes or take action, these emotions can also become so overwhelming that they begin to interfere with our happiness, relationships, and ability to take control of our life.  We may also find that our old ways of coping no longer work in the face of new stress and anxieties, which can be brought on by a job change, relationship, relocation, or other negative or positive transitions in our life.   If this sounds familiar, therapy may be beneficial to you.


The staff at Psychological Services, PC are trained to meet you where you’re at – we can help you to begin to understand and address these areas of stress and worry, while also assisting you in finding ways to better manage and address these concerns.