Social/Interpersonal Difficulties


Do you find yourself avoiding social situations where you might be humiliated or embarrassed?


Is it stressful/anxiety-provoking to anticipate attending a social event or activity?


Do you expect the worst possible scenario when it comes to a social situation?



Social anxiety goes beyond the feeling of being shy and is often intertwined with feelings of worry and recurring, distressing thoughts that accompany the person’s engagement in social situations or events. This fear can also be manifested in physiological symptoms such as panic, stomachaches, sweating, and nausea. Perhaps you have experienced something similar and have made attempts to overcome your anxiety but have been met with experiences that validated your worries and doubts. You may also have found yourself ruminating about what occurred, replayed negative experiences or scenarios, and feared this occurring again.

Our staff will work with you to better understand what your anxiety in social situations may be coming from and will help you find mastery over it.  Part of this often entails helping you to further understanding where this fear of judgment or criticism derives from.  Ultimately, our aim is to help you approach social situations freer from anxiety, feeling more confident and self-assured in engaging others and asserting for yourself.