Self-Esteem & Self-Image


Do you find that you are your worst critic?


Or perhaps you find the standards of society unfair and defeating?


Is your self-criticism beginning to impact your relationships or your confidence at work?



Oftentimes the most difficult relationship for us to manage is our relationship with ourselves. Whether we find it difficult to recognize strengths in ourselves or we experience problems with self-worth about our job, relationships, or appearance, problems with self-worth can feel debilitating and almost impossible to change.  What’s more, we may find ourselves seeking validation from others to fill this void, only to quickly feel empty inside, worthless, sad, and stressed out.  We may even find that our problems with self-worth start negatively impacting our risk-taking in friendships, making advances in our career, or in seeking or maintaining romantic relationships.

The Psychological Services staff are ready to begin exploring where these “standards” come from and to help you build a foundation of strength and worth, where you no don’t need to be reliant on external worth to keep you going.