Life Transitions

Are you having a hard time adjusting now that your kids no longer live at home?


Perhaps you’re experiencing some culture shock after moving to a new city and everything about the move appears overwhelming?


Have you noticed an increased sense of loneliness following a breakup?



Transitions are a normal part of life and individuals often don’t recognize that the small transitions (moving to a new place, getting a promotion, etc.) can often be as significant as the things we tend to think of as major life changes (starting a family, moving to college, divorce/end of a significant relationship, retirement, etc.) Whatever the transition, this change can create a ripple effect of stress and disruption that can be difficult to adjust to.  At times, these transitions can even become overwhelming and debilitating by creating anxiety, stress, and indecision.  For example, what once seemed like an exciting and hopeful time, can now appear daunting, heavy, and even terrifying.


The therapists at Psychological Services recognize that transitions, regardless of their magnitude, can create challenges.  Whether it’s processing periods of transition you’ve experienced throughout your life or exploring your feelings and needs that accompany these challenging times, we are dedicated to supporting you as you find your way through these periods.