Grief & Loss


Feeling lost and sad following the death of a loved one?


Did you recently lose a pet and find that no one can understand this significant loss?


Want another level of support during this tough time?



The loss of someone hurts. We also experience such a mix of emotions during the grieving process, which can be so confusing as we try to make sense of the loss and figure out a way forward.  It’s normal to experience an array of feelings, and often these feelings seem to be conflicting – such as feeling anger and longing.  It’s also normal to feel lost and alone in these times. Perhaps you may even feel like your life is passing you by as you barely manage to get the basic necessities done, all the while feeling despair, regret, and/or sadness about the loss.


Counseling can provide support through this difficult time. We are available to discuss and explore topics of loss, life transition, grief, and death in a way that can help you sort through this without shame and aloneness.  Times of grief and loss can be isolating but seeking out for help can be the opportunity for you to find support during a painful time.