Couples, Marital, & Relationship Disharmony

Has your communication become a pattern of frustration, silence, or resentment? 

Do you find yourself stuck in a negative cycle with your partner – leaving you having similar arguments or feeling frustrated and fatalistic about the relationship or your ability to work through conflict?

Are you having difficulty finding time to spend together with the busy-ness of work, kids, and/or other responsibilities?


It goes without saying that the relationships that we hold dearest to us are often intertwined with our strongest emotions, including anger, deep hurt, and pain. Oftentimes, challenges in these relationships can leave us feeling ungrounded, with little clarity or direction on how to make things better.  Further, when communication breaks down or becomes stuck in an endless pattern of anger, attack, or withdrawing/isolating, we can become hopeless and confused about what to do next.  The stress of your relationship may also begin to show its impact on your work and other relationships. The Psychological Services staff is dedicated to helping you and your partner through this difficult time.

The Psychological Services staff is dedicated to help you and your partner through this difficult time. It’s also important to remember that there does not have to be a “major” issue or concern present in order to seek therapy.  It’s possible that you simply want to increase your communication skills to improve your connection and help reshape some problematic patterns that seem to be developing.  Other couples sometimes seek counseling just to help them become more aware of their emotions and needs, and to learn ways to communicate more effectively with their partner in improving understanding between them. We are here for you and your partner whatever your needs may be.