Our Focus and Specialties

Our Focus and Specialities

At Psychological Services, PC, our primary areas of focus include:



Couples, Marital, and Relationship Disharmony

Pre-Marital/Pre-Commitment Therapy

Social/Interpersonal Difficulties

Dysfunctional Family Experiences

Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

Substance Use Concerns/Addiction

Self-Esteem and Self-Image Issues

Cultural Adjustment/Multicultural Concerns

Professional and Personal Balance

Sexuality and Gender Issues


The staff at Psychological Services also have a passion with working with sexual and gender minorities. We understand that there are societal and, oftentimes, relational factors that impact one’s various intersecting identities. Psychological Services is committed to providing affirmative therapy to the LGBTQIAP+ community and creating a strong professional relationship where clients can further understand, examine, and accept their most authentic selves.  Common topics in therapy may include: Sexual/Gender Identity Issues, Coming out, Kink/Poly/Non-monogamous relationships, and Family of Origin concerns.