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Most of us encounter challenges in coping with feelings and important relationships at some point in our lifetimes. Psychologists have noted that emotions and our connections to our loved ones guide our decisions and the course of our lives. So, when you sense something is wrong, this is a good sign – it means that the wisdom of your body and mind is pointing to something in your life experience that needs attention. Psychotherapy is a proven way to find out what your signals of difficulty mean and assists you in finding ways to adaptively expand your coping abilities, which ultimately contributes to living and loving with vitality and fulfillment. At Psychological Services PC, psychotherapy is our primary focus and shared professional passion. Each of our psychotherapists have a unique style and training. All of us enthusiastically share a commitment to providing compassionate and intelligent therapy that is grounded in current empirical findings and practical professional experience. Please see our personal bios for descriptions of our therapeutic approaches.


Often times, the relationships that we hold dearest to us are often intertwined with our strongest emotions, including anger, deep hurt, and pain. Challenges in these relationships can leave us feeling ungrounded, with little clarity or direction on how to make things better.  Further, when communication breaks down or becomes stuck in an endless pattern of anger, attack, or withdrawing/isolating, we can become hopeless and confused about what to do next.  The stress of your relationship may also begin to show its impact on your work and other relationships. Our goal is to work with couples to foster deeper empathy through improving communication skills and gaining better understanding of each other.


Group therapy provides the opportunity to gain insight and differing perspectives on topics addressed during session not attainable in individual treatment. Group work facilitates the exploration of patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that appear within a group setting Group is often a microcosm for how you interact in the real world and may explain how you relate to others. Our practice offers group experiences for individuals looking to grow in self-awareness, self-confidence, and understanding of how they interact in an interpersonal setting.


Relationships with those in our family are often one of the most precious and challenging relationships we have as humans. Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate effectively, navigate conflicts, and express emotions to and with other family members. In family therapy, we work to honor the experiences and emotions of each family member while also addressing the challenges that may arise. Our therapists will work with your family to explore the family dynamic and patterns of behavior to promote understanding and stronger connections in your family relationships.

Professional Consultation

The practice of psychotherapy can be challenging even for seasoned professionals. Whether you are interested in broadening your clinical expertise or gaining a fresh perspective on a challenging case, the experienced professional staff at Psychological Services PC are available to supportively provide ongoing clinical supervision and case consultation to psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists. According to your needs, we can meet with you individually or provide training to your staff in the areas of Emotion-Focused Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Multicultural Issues. Please contact Dr. Bricker for more information.


Our team regularly provides training to Mental Health and Medical Professionals, as well as Doctoral and Master’s-level professional and graduate students/trainees. We have specialized offerings in Executive Coaching, Cultural Competence/Diversity and Inclusion, Business and Workplace Development, and Small Business Development. In addition, we also provide supervision and training in Psychodynamic/Relational and Emotion-Focused Therapy (Individual and Couples) modalities.

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