Professional & Personal Balance



Find it difficult to balance friends, social activities, family time, dating/romantic relationships, and excelling at work?


Or perhaps you’re juggling these and other areas of your life but feel like you’re just getting by?






Never before have we been so inundated with pressures to “multi-task” our lives and sometimes the pressure of doing it all can get to us. Even the thought of engaging in some “me time” may bring up feelings of guilt because of the endless list of people and things vying for your attention.  You might even wonder how others, who happen to have more on their plate than you, are able to manage and succeed while juggling it all.


At Psychological Services, therapy can help clarify how to begin establishing boundaries in your life as you work toward a balance that is more manageable and that leaves you less stressed. Our staff can even explore how limit setting and better boundaries can empower you to prioritize what’s most important to you, while also finding ways to sufficiently tackle the more cumbersome but necessary tasks in your life.