Dysfunctional Family Experiences

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Do you feel tension when you interact with your family?



Are there intergenerational differences that are creating conflict in your family?



Do you want to connect with your family members but don’t know how to?




It’s normal for families to have arguments and for transitions to occur. However, if there are issues, setting boundaries with family members is often more difficult than setting boundaries with others in your life. Perhaps what you are struggling with is trying to decide whether to have contact with your family or maybe you’re considering introducing a partner. Oftentimes, these situations leads to disagreements, disengagement, frustration, or resentment.

Our therapists have expertise working with family-related issues and will work to assist you in clarifying how to best manage family situations and relationships, and to make difficult decisions about whether/when/how to communicate with your family members is sorting through your own process of healing past and current emotional pain and difficulties.