Depression Counseling | Psychological Services, PC | Chicago, Il 60602


Struggling to find the energy or motivation to take on daily activities?


Feeling a persistent sense of hopelessness or sadness?


Have you lost interest in activities that once brought you joy?



Depression can come in many forms and may be harder to recognize since we may think of it only when we see depictions of chronic tearfulness or thoughts of suicide (although these are very real expressions of it, as well).  Depression often looks different for everyone and many individuals who seek therapy have depression but are still able to maintain a job, as well as social and romantic relationships.  Those same individuals, though, may often feel trapped inside, feeling stuck in these feelings of hopelessness and/or helplessness.  For others, depression may take a more self-critical tone, as the person is caught in a pattern fo shaming themselves, and attempts to push these feeling aside feeling they need to “toughen up”.


Our trained therapists are dedicated to providing a safe space where this suffering, hopelessness, and fear can be explored. We recognize the strength in sharing this vulnerable time in your life and we want to help you harness your strength in creating change.